Gpass Pricing

Gpass is absolutely free for 14 days with no restrictions. Give it a try! We're confident you'll find Gpass is easy to use, increases your productivity and security, and makes you happy 🙂 If you love it as much as we do, come on board for just $19.99 per year.

Unlimited records

Flexible and customizable to handle unlimited logins, accounts, and all those other bits and pieces of sensitive information.

Due dates

Due dates ensure you don't forget to change a password. You also receive an alert when anything is due.


Add photos or other documents from your computer to any Gpass record. You can add up to three attachments per record.


Frequently use a login? Mark it as a favorite and make it even easier to find and use!

Simple pricing
$ 19.99/yr

We know you'll find increased productivity and security with Gpass!

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