Gpass Apps - For All Your Devices!

Gpass offers great native apps to manage passwords with your Google account on all your phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Apps are available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Plus we have nifty browser extensions 🙂

See all our apps and download them below!

Gpass iOS App

With Gpass for iOS, you can see your passwords and other records easily from anywhere on your iPhone and iPad - even if you're out of network, on a plane, or marooned on a desert isle


Touch ID integration

Offline support

iPad split view support


Gpass Android App

With Gpass for Android, you can get your passwords anywhere you take your Android smartphone or tablet - in the car, on plane, or traveling to Mars


Fingerprint integration

Offline support

Tablet split view support


Gpass Mac App

With Gpass for Mac, you can organize your passwords from a great native Mac OS app


Keychain integration

Offline support

Native macOS app


Gpass Windows App

With Gpass for Windows, you can organize your passwords from anywhere on your laptop or desktop


Native Windows desktop app

Offline support

Supports Win 7, 8 and 10

Download installer

Gpass Extensions

With Gpass browser extensions, you can view records, search, see details and (best of all!) auto fill web logins right from your browser


Native Chrome extension

Auto fill

Runs as a standalone app